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Volunteer Listing & Instructions 2017

We need any and all volunteers. We are always low in aid station volunteers, cleanup people, and pre-event work (packet stuffing, trail marking).

How to sign up

Email nyeates1 [at] umbc [dot] edu to signup for any of the below jobs.


  • X = Verified and reliable
  • O = Need to reverify, but reliable
  • ? = Unsure if coming, but maybe; need to verify
  • ! = Can put anywhere
  • FIXME = Need to fill this spot
  • bold = Lead vol, have met and given directions in-person
  • underline = Lead vol, have not met in-person
  • FB = FaceBook friend


  • Director - X Nick Yeates
  • Director Stand-in - X! Jim Yeates, X Sue Yeates

Flagging / Signing

  • Flagging Team 1 Lead - X Jonathan Gowen
  • Flagging Team 2 Lead - O Ryan Cormier
  • Flagging Team 3 Lead - ? Joel Wanger(email)
  • Flagging Team 4 Lead - O Paul Aumayr
  • Flagging Banditos - Heather Grady(email), Rian Q(fb), Louie Brennan(fb), Aimee Goldman, Ruth Reynolds Kohl

Aid Stations

  • Aid station 1 Lead - Setup: 8:30am, Staffed: 9:30am-11:30am, keep unmanned for 50k - Butch Britton, Sean McGovern(fb)
  • Aid station 2 Lead - Setup: 7:30am, Staffed: 7:45am-2:30pm - X Chad Epler, Chad is filling these spots
  • Aid station 3 Lead - Setup: 10:15am, Staffed: 11:00-3:30pm, keep unmanned for 50k - X Heather Rosso / DCCS
  • Aid station 4 Lead - Setup: 9am, Staffed: 9:30-end - X Ty Larson, X Mike Gouel, FIXME
  • Aid station coordinator / setup - Nick
  • HAM Radio Operator Lead - Andy Protigal
  • 4-way stop - ! HAM radio guys
  • Buzzards Rock - ! HAM radio guys
  • Ridge Trail - ? HAM radio guys


  • Pre-sweeper - X Matt Bevan, X Rachel Ridgeway
  • Sweeper - X Geoff, O Karl Barrus, Kristin Cunningham(fb, karls friend)

Start / Finish

  • Event Setup AM - !Joel Wanger, ? Ty Larson, Thomas Meyers 3x friends (Jackie, Rebecca, Aliya), Rachel Ridgeway and friends (2x?), Marvin
  • Registration - Sue Yeates, X Becca Venediktov, !Joel Wanger, Jason Sparks
  • Volunteer Directions - Send to Nick, or Jim
  • Shirt handling / sales - ? Sue Yeates, X Becca V, ? Jim Yeates
  • Timer 1 - Chrissie (James gf)
  • Timer 2 - X Becca V
  • Finish Line Helper - Dave Lutter (XMP), Donald Jenkins (XMP), ? Trey Williams, Marvin Leventer
  • Grillpeople - Barbara Yeates, !Joel Wanger(3pm leave), ? Jason Sparks(guest/email 8a-11a), O Russell Tipton (wife running 50k), FIXME
  • Food Serving / Setup - Barbara Yeates, ? Mary Yeates, ? Megan Killian (email), Joel Wanger(3pm leave), Thomas Meyers 3x friends (Jackie, Rebecca, Aliya), April(wife of runner), FIXME
  • Trash bags and patrolling - ? Adi (morning), O Russell Tipton, FIXME (evening), FIXME
  • Floater - X Mike Gouel
  • Event Cleanup PM - ? Megan Killian, X Mike Gouel, ? Trey Williams, Doug Massengale, Mike Strz
  • Entertainment / Sound - X Nick
  • Ham 1, Ham 2
  • Marshaling (at start of race) - X Jim Yeates
  • Parking coordinator - ? Ade Ntam
  • Masseuse - O Melissa Simmens
  • Driver 1 - X Tony Zahn + Angela Hayes
  • Driver 2 - X Jim Lay (7am)
  • Ice Man - O Tony + Angela


  • Fri Vol Party - Nick, Dad, Barb, Sue, Mom
  • Beer - ? Jeremy Swan, Russell Tipton
  • Bus Crowder / Parking Nazi (get people on buses) - Kurt
  • 1hr Vol Trail Promotion - Nick, Kurt
  • Graphics (shirt, logo) - Nick
  • Expressed Interest:
  • Dustin McQuate(fb)
  • Joel Wanger, put anywhere
  • Adi, Mike
  • Paul Aumayr
  • Beckie (Anton's wife)
  • Christine (from pool)
  • Ruth Kohl (@home depot, anywhere)
  • Last year…
  • Lisa Bandiera-Woetzel (fb)
  • ? Robert Wood

Position Descriptions

Flagging and Signing

The course needs to be marked with Signs and Flags so that runners can follow the course. There are ~100 signs (at most trail intersections) and it takes many hours, even days to sign and flag. The course is divided into four (4) sections of trail, each being 4 miles in length.

  • Start/Finish (S/F) - Aid Station 1 (AS1)
  • AS1 - AS2
  • AS2 - AS3
  • AS3 - S/F

We assign 1 person to LEAD each section. It is now their duty to mark that section of the trail. They are responsible. Whether they do it all, or they call on some of the BANDITOS.

The BANDITOS are a pool of trail marking people who have shown interest to help the LEADS. Nick gathers these peoples names, phone numbers, and email addresses. The week before the race, Nick sends out emails to all of these BANDITOS and LEADS and suggests that the leads grab a few BANDITOS for help.

Often, a lead will email out saying “I am headed out on Thur after 4, if anyone wants to join, call me at…”

  • Intersections (where any two trails merge) are likely candidates for a sign
    • Signs are stapled into trees at the most visible point
  • Sometimes, signs need to be more visible
    • In the middle of the trail, use a supplied wooden stake, pound it into the ground (need a hammer with you) in the middle of the trail (do not block trail), and then staple the sign to it
  • Pink Surveyors tape is used as confidence markers on trees
    • Every 500 ft
    • Before and after turns
    • No longer than 6 inches

Signs and tape go up the week prior to the race (5-7 days). Most of it should be done on the prior 2 days.

We break the course into 4 chunks of 4 miles each.

  1. Shelter 105 to hilton area,
  2. hilton to swinging bridge,
  3. swinging bridge to landing rd, and
  4. landing to start/finish (shelter 105).

See here for map:


Sweepers are there to assure that all race participants are accounted for and safe. Straggling runners often need encouragement and help. Additionally, Sweepers remove signage from course.

  • Sweepers need to leave AFTER last 50k person is accounted for on their first loop
  • 50k runners are cut-off at around 12-noon
    • STILL, wait for all runners to come in
    • We had a case where one came in late and we didn't know it and kept going on after the sweepers had already left
  • Communicate with HAM Radio people, Nick, and his Dad Jim to see if all runners have come in
  • Remove ribbons and signs
  • Having a spacious backpack is essential to holding lots of ribbons
  • Stash signs in discreet greenery, near exits that can be driven to at a later point
  • Inform someone where these are located so we can get to the trash
  • Cell phone with decent reception is recommended.
  • Make multiple texts and calls to Nick or others to inform of progress
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