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The Vertical Playground:

A new type of foot race. There is no course, no markings, you have a set of detailed trail maps, and a goal to bring back the most Vertical gain in 100k or 50k of distance. A handful of base stations enable you to span multiple parks and 120+ trails in the rugged Appalachian mountains!

Tentative date:

  • April 14, 2018 / 2nd weekend of April


As of yet undetermined. We are looking into a few locations in the Appalachian Mountains of Maryland and Pennsylvania, both with 100+ trails.


For now, this is a date placeholder while we secure land permissions, website, and other aspects. Suffice it to say, we are working on it. A team of 10 rock-star volunteer / committee members have bought into this and are planning it together. We also have a handful of beta testers to test out these ideas in the flesh, beforehand - this entire concept is new and we wont leave anything up to chance.

Sample Map

The event will provide premier maps, including GPS-verifying the hundreds of trails. You will likely get 5-15 pages of high-quality maps to break down the wilderness into sectors. Below is a simple example of a zoomed-out version of one of these maps. The real maps will have much more information and be zoomed in considerably more.

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