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Party Time!! Excellent!

From dogs and BBQ to the rogue chefs veggie burgers and fruit, and huge chocolate cakes. Local keg beer to kegged root beer (hard to find!!). We will have it all and more. We are again assuring that everyone has too much to choose from ;-)

There is ussually gift giveaways from the sponsors, and of course, the best part, fun with all of your friends!

We are renting multiple Patapsco Avalon Shelters, which have bathrooms nearby, a cold river for swimming on a scorching day, a pit for bbq, and plenty of space to enjoy ourselves. The bathrooms are simply toilets and sinks. Enough room to change in, no showers.

See BELOW for more info...

Visitors / Spectators

  • Up to 4 spectators can come per runner
    • Let us know if you have more
    • They need to enter on the bus, same as runners
  • They are welcome to eat and partake in the after-event…
    • HOWEVER, we kindly ask that each person eating makes a $10+ donation
    • Give donations to the shirt seller, registration desk, cooks, or race directors

Bags and gear

  • Make sure not to bring anything of real value once you get on the busses.
  • Bring a small bag to put change of clothes etc
  • We will start a bag pile, though we CANNOT guarentee that someone is checking these or guarding them
  • Be warned.
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