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Bags, Gear and Personal Belongings

  • Make sure not to bring anything of real value once you get on the busses.
  • Bring a small bag to put change of clothes, towel, etc
  • We will start a bag pile, though we CANNOT guarantee that someone is checking these or guarding them

Clothing or towels or personal items will not be watched. Lets just have a pile going (someone start it!), tie the bags good, mark up your bags. We won't know if anyone is the person they say they are, so its tough to have someone guard the bags.

Visitors / Spectators

  • Up to 4 spectators can come per runner
    • Let Nick know if you have more
  • They are welcome to eat and partake in the after-event…
    • HOWEVER, we kindly ask that each person eating makes a $10+ donation
    • Give donations to the shirt seller, registration desk, cooks, or race directors (Nick, Jim, Sue)

Spectators, visitors, family, etc can come. They need to park in the same lot and take the bus in. The bus runs all day long.

Packet Pickup / Registration

  • There is NO early packet pickup.
  • Registration is race day, before the race. GET THERE EARLY!
  • Please pre-purchase your entry to the race here online (day-of entries not encouraged or guaranteed)


  • If you dont know where to go or do not have an assigned role, checkin at the same runner registration desk.
  • If you want to volunteer race day:
    1. PITCH IN where you see its needed; Ask around
    2. Go to the registration desk and say you want to volunteer!
    3. Head to one of the 3 aid stations and tell them you want to help
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