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 ====== Location ====== ====== Location ======
-  * [[|Patapsco State Park]], south of Baltimore, MD, near Columbia, MD. +  * Parking: [[|Southwest Park & Ride lot]] at I-195 and Rolling Road in Baltimore County 
-  The starting line, parking, finish line and party will all be at the same locationWe are renting out the Orange Grove Avalon picnic pavilion. See maps below (updated)+    All runners and guests are required to park at the above parking lotShuttling will run all day long, both ways, via either a bus or volunteer drivers
-  * [[|Park Entrance]] map (useful for driving directions) +  * Startline: [[|Patapsco State Park]], south of Baltimore, MD, near Elkridge, MD. 
-  * [[|Starting Line]] map (useful for getting to the parking area and start line once inside the park)+    * Parking is **outside the park** this year! Do not drive into the park on race day. If you do, you risk our event being cancelled next year.
 ====== Driving Directions ====== ====== Driving Directions ======
-  * **__To State Park__** - See [[|this map]] for the location of the park entrance and driving directions to it. +  * **__To Parking Lot__** - See [[|this map]] for the location of the parking lot and driving directions to it. 
-    * Note: The address below is shown slightly incorrect on GPS units. The above link shows the location best.+    * Written directions: 
 +      * From **95-N or S** (same directions for both) 
 +      * Take **exit 47 A-B** (The sign is labeled 195 East and BWI, however we will go **195 West** toward **UMBC**) 
 +      * When the exit splits, follow **exit 47 B** toward 166/Catonsville 
 +      * Merge onto **I-195 W** 
 +      * Stay **Left** 
 +      * Follow the **"Park and Ride"** signs
     * The address is:     * The address is:
-      * Patapsco Valley State Park - Avalon Area\\ 5120 South Street\\ Halethorpe, MD 21227 +      * Southwest Park & Ride 1198 South Rolling Road Catonsville, MD 21228
-  * **__To Start Line__** - Use [[|this map]] to get to the Orange Grove Avalon Shelter. +
-    * Written version: +
-      * Once you are in the park (Avalon entrance) and paid entry at the booth, you head STRAIGHT down River Rd. In 1 mile, take a LEFT on Gun Rd (not marked, but River Road ends anyway). From here, follow signs to the parking lot on the RIGHT.+
-====== Parking ====== +====== Parking & Buses ====== 
-  * Get Priority Parking+Parking is **OUTSIDE THE PARK** again this year. This applies to most runnersguests, spectators, etc. We have some select-few in-park spots and these participants will have applied and been emailed privately. If you are not one of these peopleplease do not enter the parkVolunteers and emailed participants are the only exception. 
-    Carpoolers, Designated Driver's & Volunteers's Get Special Parking + 
-    We want to encourage Designated Drivers (so you can drink your fill safely)and carpooling (the park WILL fill up). +We require that most runners and visitors make use of our shuttle bus in the morning and get a ride back with drivers in the afternoonBus fee and park entry are included in the ticket priceShuttling will occur throughout the entire day for runners and visitors, either via bus or by various volunteers with cars. There will be a "Pickup" table for those looking to find rides. Buses in the morning should come every 30-45 minsRides from volunteers in the evening could be more sporadic - plan accordingly. 
-    * If you are carpooling or have a designated driveryou will have access to close-to-the-action parking spotsWe hope to block off a section for this, until it fills. Look for signs or ask a flagger before entering the parking area. We can only block these off for the early morning and once it fills, you will take normal parking spots. + 
-  * All others +Arrive at the lot **1 - 1.5 hours before start time** (7:30am or 6:00amdependent on which race) is advised lot arrival time.
-    * Parking is provided in front of the start/finish lineWe will fill parking spots on first-come, first-served basisIf the lot fillspark along the road, far out of the way of traffic.+
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