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  • Patapsco State Park, south of Baltimore, MD, near Columbia, MD.
  • The starting line, parking, finish line and party will all be at the same location. We are renting out the Orange Grove Avalon picnic pavilion. See maps below (updated).
  • Park Entrance map (useful for driving directions)
  • Starting Line map (useful for getting to the parking area and start line once inside the park)

Driving Directions

  • To State Park - See this map for the location of the park entrance and driving directions to it.
    • Note: The address below is shown slightly incorrect on GPS units. The above link shows the location best.
    • The address is:
      • Patapsco Valley State Park - Avalon Area
        5120 South Street
        Halethorpe, MD 21227
  • To Start Line - Use this map to get to the Orange Grove Avalon Shelter.
    • Written version:
      • Once you are in the park (Avalon entrance) and paid entry at the booth, you head STRAIGHT down River Rd. In 1 mile, take a LEFT on Gun Rd (not marked, but River Road ends anyway). From here, follow signs to the parking lot on the RIGHT.


  • Get Priority Parking!
    • Carpoolers, Designated Driver's & Volunteers's Get Special Parking
    • We want to encourage Designated Drivers (so you can drink your fill safely), and carpooling (the park WILL fill up).
    • If you are carpooling or have a designated driver, you will have access to close-to-the-action parking spots. We hope to block off a section for this, until it fills. Look for signs or ask a flagger before entering the parking area. We can only block these off for the early morning and once it fills, you will take normal parking spots.
  • All others
    • Parking is provided in front of the start/finish line. We will fill parking spots on a first-come, first-served basis. If the lot fills, park along the road, far out of the way of traffic.
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