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 ++ Use the event insurance for future events ? 
 +We also need to have flexibility in the future if postponement of event due to whatever reasons. 
 ++ No lost bus driver this year !
 ++ Had an abundance of volunteers in early morning. 
 ++ Picnic table arrangement, kitchen tables, shelter canopies over serving area, table cloth covers, & trail chutes were all set up by 6:30 am
 ++ Kitchen area much better organized before cooks & helpers arrived. 
 ++ 70 stakes was about right for entire race usage. I'm sure we lost or broke many. 
 ++ Having both a lowboy fridge & freezer worked well this year. Both before & on race days
 ++ Cold, iced towels (25?) were brought out by Dave at AS4. They had to hose off & wring out several times as it was a popular item for finishers. 
 ++ Pulled pork BBQ so much better this year. No fat & all meat with great smokey flavor
 ++ Only 2 bags of ice leftover this year & we went thru a lot despite the heat of the day. 
 +- Insurance. I talked with ranger to get his side of the story. He agreed with me when I said BOTH of us had some lessons learned from this issue !
 +- James suggested ways to better split the chutes at AS 4 & Finish Line as it was difficult for him on split times & finish. Ranger told me the north & east side of river trails are all open now. That could mean getting rid of figure 8 run configuration & going to one loop.
 +- Due to heavy park usage we had to re-arrange our trail chute a couple times for rangers to allow overflow parking on grass. 
 +- After 12 pm, AS4 was way short handed. Most times in pm we had only 1 person at finish line. At times, I had to man the station by myself. 
 +- One lady (non-runner) busted my chops for not having a recycle center. I told her we did it at the last 2 races but it was a lost cause as trash & food always ended up in them despite being labeled Recycle. That wasn't good enough for her. She also said we have to educate people so their disposal habit doesn't continue. 
 +She carried on that other running events are going all green, etc, etc. 
 +I told her we would take her suggestion under advisement & walked away biting my tongue !  I'm sure she meant well, but her delivery needs lots of improvement  
 +- Dozens of unused gator aid as the ice tubs got covered by cardboard to preserve the ice. No one knew they were there !
 +- Could use more large gauze pads in AS 4 first aid kit. Two incidents where it would have been helpful. 
 +- Need to build a custom fridge support on wheels as the existing wheels are. breaking off. Make a better closure device for doors. Also get another rack for inside fridge. 
 +- Andy & ham radio people said it's too noisy inside shelter but don't want to change the enthusiasm & spirit. I suggested that next year we place a large picnic table outside the shelter & under the oak tree where we store the ice. If we do that, a tent cover may be necessary in case of rain. 
 +- Need a decent hose & nozzle for next season at AS 4. 
 +- Short handed on pack & cleanup people. I started consolidating stuff at 3pm. We got out of park by 7pm, with some late help from Cary & Gary. 
 +-  What happened to the paper towels for the kitchen?  We had to make a special run for some. 
 +- Leftover beer.....
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