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 +1 We had 210 runners this year, 75 of which were 50k runners (15 less than last year). Fed approx 275 people.
 +2 Penske truck rental from Germantown. Moves went smooth. Fewer shuttling of food & equipment by personal vehicles.
 +3 Taking truck to park & plugging in fridge at Shelter the night before worked out well.
 +  Ranger at gate by 5 am
 +4 We had tables arranged in the shelter & truck unloaded by about 5:45 am   First bus arrived late at 6:40 as they got lost.
 +5 Having AS Leads purchase bread, bananas, & fruit worked out great. Less work & coordination on us.
 +NOT having AS Leads pick up their equipment on Friday seems a much better approach. Easier for us to coordinate by bringing to Shelter early Saturday morning.
 +7 Used water tap at restrooms for refilling jugs
 +8 Bringing in ice in 2 deliveries worked well. Less melting & waste.
 +Soda at all the AS was poured into small Dixie cups (qty about right).  Water, Coke, Gatorade, & Tailwinds were by far the most popular drinks.
 +10 Brought 7 bundles of wood. Used 5 bundles in 5 hours. Brought 45# of charcoal. Used 25#.
 +All the food was really good quality, cooked right, & were ample portions. The cut of meat for the BBQ may have been a cheaper grade than previous years yet flavor was still good. Watermelon was popular but with 2 leftover.
 +12 Two shelters over the serving area worked well. Also 2 tables & 1 picnic table for serving tables was ideal.
 +13 As usual, the freezer pops were a BIG hit for runners & family members. Ice cold cokes & Gatorade at Finish was also popular
 +14 Many compliments on having multiple beer choice selections. Only kegs were the ones Jeremy brought & maintained.
 +14 All runners checked out with Race people. No chasing them down after race.
 +16 Packing & cleanup crew of 2 men was small but worked.
 +17 The quantity & quality of the volunteers were very good this year. 
 +18 Go to TAB at bottom for usage & inventory of Tents, Tables, & Jugs
 +19 Didn't have to go to store for extra purchases during race.
 +1 Bus driver got lost on initial run. Didn't arrive till 6:40 am which delayed 50k race start by 15 minutes.
 +2 No water at tap by shelter. Used tap at restrooms instead.
 +3 Packed T-shirts in truck as directed, then wanted them night before race to sort by size
 +4 Could have used an extra volunteer or 2 in pavilion area to watch trash or serving line.
 +5 We had many leftover hot dogs, sausage, buns, & bbq pork.
 +6 We ran out of hamburgers by 3 pm. Vegi burgers not as popular this year.
 +7 Ran out of gatorade about noon at AS 4
 +8 Quite a bit of canned beer leftover. Jeremy returned.
 +Suggestions for Future
 +1 Upgrade shed doors at Elkridge residence & store fridge & equipment inside. Eliminates & saves $500 annual storage cost. 
 +2 If we use shed at Elkridge, we can access & haul refrigerator easier to Montg Village without needing to use Tom's trailer & house.
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