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From Nick

~250 people including volunteers and families. +/-10%

4 large hotel size serving racks Can be divided into two each when you put 2 tin half pans in.

Times (though many don't directly apply to food)

  • 5:30a dad and I arrive (and whoever else)
  • Picnic tables arranged before 50k runners arrive
  • 6:00a first bus arrives
  • 7:00 50k start
  • 9:00 25k start
  • 12:00-2:00 food rush

Here is a chart to include about runner finish time:

From Barbara

Created from a compilation of Nick's lessons learned 2013 & 2014 docx's, runner complaints, my go round 2013, food safety, crowd managment and my daily professional catering experiences. Note: We had problems with an immersion circulatior in 2012 not heating fast or hot enough. Bob showed interest in giving that one a go again! (It just must get to 165 in 2 hours) Plan B is listed in attachment/below.

*OVERALL*: Chaffing dishes for hot proteins on buffet for self serve. Batch cooking to replenish as necessary. Batch cooking dogs, sausages & burgers on grill. Replenish batches of hot pulled pork/veggie burgers from Bob's Immersion Circulator

Thanks guys Barbara


~280 ppl total.

Temp danger zone 41°-135°.

Check the temperature of food every two hours to leave time for corrective action. Food without temperature control can be held for consumption for up to four hours, then discarded. Previously cooked food reheated for hot-holding must be reheated to 165° for 15 seconds within two hours. NRA ServSafe

3 Chaffing Dish sets- space for 5-6 hot proteins (hot dogs, sausages, burgers, pulled pork, veggie burgers) on buffet for self-serve

7am: Arrive- setting up, unpacking

8 am: All picnic tables arranged before 25k runners arrive 3-4 tables double sided buffet 3 chaffing dish sets (1 deep hotel pan, 2shallow half hotel pans, 2sternos each, lids) + Extra, shallow half hotel pans for replenishing food, reheating on grill, etc

2 prep tables, low boy refrigerator- outlet access Bob’s immersion circulator- outlet access. Get water & heating ASAP 2 Cutting boards, 2knives, 2 tongs, metal spatulas, few half sheet pans (cookie sheet) or hotel pans, alum foil, plastic wrap, gallon zip lock bags, 2 pots for heating water, paper towels, cloth hand towels, kitchen shears, trash bag, hand sanitizer, 2 digital thermometers, 1 box food handling gloves (med or large), 2 grill lighters, 2 Gallons water. 50k Start

8:30 am: Fire up 1 grill for hot water heating. Immersion circulator heating check

9 am: 25K Start. Start immersion heating of Pulled Pork & Veggie Burgers

10am: Fire up grills. Hot water- 200° and in chaffing dishes. Light sternos. BUFFET SET- Dry goods, room temp items arranged (chips, buns, ketchup) Serving utensils, plates, cutlery, napkins, trash bags. Pulled Pork/Veggie burger temp check (Should be at 100°) move batch to grill if necessary.

10:30am: First batch Hot dogs (165°), sausages (155°), burgers (155°) on grill. Pulled Pork/Veggie burger temp check 165° – move batch to grill if necessary.

11am: First runners finish Food Ready-Hot proteins in chaffing dishes up, cold/room temp food out- Fruit platters, Quinoa Salad Replenish as necessary, batch cooking dogs, sausages & burgers

12noon: Pack Majority finish Food rush!- Big batch up and ready. Replenish as necessary, batch cooking dogs, sausages & burgers, check hot holding temps 135°. Dessert out

2pm: End of 25k pack runners finish. Doorprizes. Replenish as necessary, batch cooking dogs, sausages & burgers, check hot holding temps 135°

3pm: 4 hour discard check of food without temperature control

4pm: Cleanup started

5:30pm: Cleanup done & Leaving park

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