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  • $541.20 Columbia Amateur Radio Association (HAM radio volunteers; they man aid stations and lead comm's)
  • $400 Howard County Volunteer Fire and Rescue (they volunteer every year for on-hand first-aid)
  • $158.80 Free to Run (Free to Run; Shoes and clothes sent to African women/children)
  • $1100.00 TOTAL

2017 Emails


Thanks again for CARA's HAM services - I hope it keeps you in tip top operational shape!

Md HEAT Race and it's 501c3 would like to extend a donation to your org. You mentioned materials or a student scholarship - I will let you decide - if your in a mode of needing certain equipment, do this. If not, give it to the kids.

The amount to be donated is $541.20.

Please let me know how we can get this to you. Does the org have a PayPal account? If not, we can write a check.

Regards, -Nick Yeates 4Life, MD HEAT Race

Hi! I checked the figures from the boxes I sent for Free to Run. We collected 61 pairs of women's shoes and some good winter running clothes as well. (Some of this was also donated at the Annapolis 10 miler expo.). We sent eight boxes to Massachusetts, which cost in total $233.80 minus $75 from a friend = $158.80 in shipping fees.

Amy Zbikowski

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