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   * $500 Friends of Patapsco Valley State Park   * $500 Friends of Patapsco Valley State Park
   * $1000.00 TOTAL   * $1000.00 TOTAL
 +===== 2018 emails =====
 +Many thanks Nick!!
 +We're glad we can help out where and when we can.  Obviously, donations are very helpful and appreciated.  We understand that donations are not always possible - especially for other non-profit organizations.
 +For your information, donations we receive are primarily used to help fund two annual STEM scholarships, and upgrades to our communication capabilities every few years.
 +Please also know that supporting organizations and events such as the MD HEAT is a win-win.  In addition to helping you by providing communications and information, the event provides a great opportunity for our folks to practice skills that could be used in a severe storm or similar situation should the need arise.
 +We're glad to be of service to you and look forward to supporting you in the future.
 +Best regards and thanks again!
 ====== 2017 ====== ====== 2017 ======
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